Will My canine get ill From Salmonella in Raw or dry canine Food?

You shouldn’t have to concern about your dog getting ill from salmonella if he is healthy as well as has a strong immune system.

If your canine already has a compromised immune system, that’s when you ought to be a bit much more careful.

Plus, people can get ill from salmonella, which is why we ought to certainly laundry our hands after dealing with raw canine food as well as even dry canine food. Either can include salmonella.

More details on salmonella as well as dogs

I feed my canine Ace a combination of dry canine food as well as raw canine food, as well as I’m never concerned about my canine getting ill from bacteria in raw meat.

Healthy dogs can deal with salmonella since their digestive systems are much more acidic than ours as well as completely developed for dealing with salmonella. (I mean, what do you believe wolves as well as wild dogs eat?)

Here is a past publish of mine that explains exactly how a dog’s digestive tract avoids him from getting ill from raw meat.

Then why are there so numerous canine food recalls including salmonella?

ভাল প্রশ্ন!

I was wondering about that too, which is why I chose to do a bit research study as well as compose this post.

So here’s the deal:

The FDA has just recently introduced a national effort to test food products (for people as well as pets) for the existence of potentially harmful microbes, according to an short article by Dr. Karen Becker.

According to her, the majority of pet food recalls are because of health and wellness issues for people who might get ill from unintentionally consuming salmonella after dealing with the pet food.

She likewise explained that these issues are mainly from people dealing with dry pet food, not raw.

I presume this is since people understand to laundry their hands after dealing with raw pet food however may refrain from doing so after handling dry pet food.

Dogs naturally magazine likewise composed an fascinating short article on the FDA’s Food security Modernization Act as well as exactly how its strict requirements are affecting raw canine food companies.

The magazine phone calls the FDA’s goal of “zero pathogens” in raw food a “slippery slope.”

Let’s likewise keep in mind the FDA is understood for having a unfavorable stance on raw pet food because of the “dangers” of getting people sick.

From Dogs Naturally:

While enhancing their efforts to test pet foods for contaminants is an admirable as well as desirable function of the FDA. the witch search for salmonella is misguided. Yes, salmonella has the prospective to damage humans as well as some badly immune compromised dogs (although eliminating helpful bacteria from their diets may be short sighted). however ought to raw foods be robbed of their natural nutrition in lieu of washing our hands after serving?

I’m scared it’s only going to get worse for raw canine food companies, as well as we are sadly going to be seeing much more recalls on raw canine food in the future.

But, to simplify things:

Your canine ought to be risk-free from prospective salmonella in raw meat as well as raw eggs, however you ought to laundry your hands for your own safety.

Now I want to hear from you!

Are you feeding your canine raw food these days? Are you concerned about salmonella?

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